Chapter 1 was released in 2 phases. The first phase was released on the 20th of May 2018. The second phase was released on the 3rd of June 2018 for the premium version and on the 5th of June 2018 for the free version.

Phase 1 ended with PHASe operatives going on a mission to recover PHASe HQ from KAIROS

Phase 2 ended with Seven questioning her decision in joining PHASe.


KAIROS took over PHASe HQ so Phantom Alpha and Operative Ten of Phantom Beta embarks on a mission to regain control of the situation and find their teammates.


Per categories, the characters are listed in order of appearance.

Main characters 

Recurring characters

Minor characters

  • OPD (Olympia Police Department) [mentioned]
  • Phantom Beta [mentioned]
  • KAIROS Subleader

Other characters

  • ADS deliveryman [mentioned]
  • Female KAIROS Member (NPC)


The locations are listed in order of appearance.

Phase 1

Phase 2


The items are listed in order of appearance.

Name Type Owner User Use
ARO glasses high-tech Seven Seven • Used during missions
Nish • To talk to Seven
Comms high-tech issued by PHASe PHASe operatives • To communicate
Tablet high-tech PHASe / Three Three • To hit Icarus• To search data
Guns weapon Magician Zero • To aim it towards Magician
Huge black cannon weapon Magician Magician • To try to shot Zero
Augs (augmentations) high-tech Seven Seven • To fight Magician
Five • To use it during his infiltration mission
Scythe weapon Ten Ten • To try to kill Magician
Aircraft vehicle KAIROS Phantom Alpha [except Four] & Ten • To go on a mission
Monitor lights high-tech KAIROS Five • To put some light in the room
OFV (operative field view) high-tech PHASe Phantom Alpha & Ten • To see through each members eyes during missions
? weapon Ten Ten • To supposedly kill KAIROS members
Sniper rifle weapon Four Four • To kill KAIROS subleader

Choices to make

The choices are listed in order of appearance. Choices with this symbol: ⚠ are ones with limited time to answer. Choices with this symbol: 🌠 are ones from the premium content.

Phase 1

  • (Thought a Valkyrie would hit harder.)
    • [Jump into the fight.]
    • 🌠[Let Zero handle it.]🌠
  • (I'm the only one who failed Olympia.)
    • [It's not only you. We all failed Olympia.]
    • [It's not one's fault. We're only human.]
    • [It's KAIROS fault. They're the enemy.]
  • (I nod.)
    • [I love the stars.]
    • [Uh, why are the lights off?]
    • [Climb on the bed for a better look.]
  • 🌠 (I'll try my best to answer.)🌠
    • [How do you like being a Shifter?]
    • [Can you tell me more about your class?]
    • [Are you and Eight close?]
  • 🌠 (Could I..uh..have a hug?)🌠
    • [Hug him.]
    • [Don't hug him. He shouldn't get the wrong idea.]

Phase 2

  • (It's good to know your team's status, right?)
    • [Check on Five.]
    • 🌠[Check on Zero.]🌠
  • Seeing him casually just standing here like this, I have the urge to hug him and make sure he's alright.
    • [Hug Four.]
    • [Don't hug Four.]
  • The mistakes of the past.
    • [Innocent lives were lost because of those weapons.]
    • [Stay silent.]
  • (Hmm, what should I ask him?)
    • [How are you, really?]
    • [Got any advice for a newbie?]
    • [This is going to sound really random, but...]
    • [I want to thank you for before.]
  • 🌠 I push that thought away entirely and refocus on Four instead.🌠
    • [Do you have any family?]
    • [Do you normally do your mission like this?]
    • [What do you do in your downtime?]
    • [If you weren't an operative, what would you be doing?]


The fights that the player can encounter in the game varies from the player's choices. All fights are listed here. (Fights that are from the premium content don't have details listed and are represented by 🌠). Fights are listed in order of appearance. The term "Instigators" is used here for the person(s) who attacked first. Someone doing verbal provocations only is not listed here as an instigator.

Phase 1

Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Three Icarus: hit him with a tablet Won.
Six ? Won.
Icarus Nine: chocked him Yelled, got under control.
Choice: [Jump into the fight]
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Zero Magician: aimed guns at her, hit her with a gun. Won.
Seven Magician: ran towards her, blocked her arm. Won.
Magician Zero: punched him in the chest.

Seven: tried to elbow her in the stomach.

✓? Unconscious on the floor.
🌠Choice: [Let Zero handle it]🌠
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Zero 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠
Magician 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Ten Magician: injured her with a scythe Won but let Magician & Icarus escape.
Magician Zero: tried to shot him ✓? Escaped with Icarus.

Phase 2

  • Six VS Two KAIROS members
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Six KAIROS member #1: ?

KAIROS member #2: ?

Neutralized them
KAIROS members ? ✓? ?
  • 🌠Zero & Ten VS KAIROS members🌠
🌠Choice: [Check on Zero]🌠
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Zero 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠
Ten 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠
KAIROS members 🌠 🌠 🌠 🌠


Deceased Cause Status
Magician hit with a scythe by Ten Not confirmed
KAIROS Subleader shot by Four Dead


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