Chapter 3 was released on the 28th of August 2018 for the premium version and on the 31th of August 2018 for the free version.

The chapter ended with Seven going back to PHASe HQ after meeting with her brother and Temperance.


Seven, Four and Six goes on a mission to take care of two targets. Between her teammates, her family, PHASe and KAIROS, Seven has to learn who to trust and to accept the truth as ugly as it could be.


Per categories, the characters are listed in order of appearance.

Main characters

Recurring characters

Other characters


The locations are listed in order of appearance.


The items are listed in order of appearance.

Name Type Owner User Use
Augs (augmentations) high-tech Seven Seven • To fight Four's target
Six Six • During the mission
Four Four • To show Seven

• During the mission

Car vehicle PHASe Four & Seven • To go to their mission's site
ARO Glasses high-tech Seven Seven • During the mission
Four • To message Seven
Temperance • To talk to Seven
Combat gloves high-tech, weapon Six Six • To make Temperance's Birdie convulse
Glasses high-tech Dr.Sadik Dr.Sadik • To analyse the state of her patients (here Seven)
Vibrational knife weapon Four's target (NPC) Four's target (NPC) • To stab Seven
Knife weapon Four Four • To kill his target
Air car vehicle PHASe PHASe • To pick up Temperance's Birdie for Interro
Tablet high-tech issued by PHASe/Dr.Park Dr.Park • To go through a few information
Computer high-tech PHASe Dr.Park • To go through a few information

Choices to make

The choices are listed in order of appearance. Choices with this symbol: ⚠ are ones with limited time to answer. Choices with this symbol: 🌠 are ones from the premium content.

  • Fidgeting, I try to think of what to talk about.
    • [How long have you been at PHASe?]
    • [What do you think of Eight?]
    • [Have you been very busy?]
    • 🌠[(Ask something more personal)]🌠
      • 🌠 I decide to take the rare opportunity to ask some personal questions.🌠
        • [What do you do to relax after a long mission?]
        • [Are you and Four close?]
        • [Are there any places in Olympia that you like to go?]
          • 🌠 What are you looking for?🌠
            • [Where is a good place to relax?]
            • [I think I'd like something exciting!]
  • 🌠 (Uh...Six seems really frustrated...Should I say something?)🌠
    • [Are you sure you should be holding him right now?]
    • [Do you want me to take over holding this guy?]
    • [Are you going to kill this guy?]
    • [Say nothing.]
  • Unconsciously, my mind floats to him...
    • [Six]
    • 🌠[Four]🌠
    • 🌠[Zero]🌠
  • Given where he ended up, I can't imagine his story gets any better.
    • [Say something.]
    • [Say nothing.]
  • I wasn't expecting to be asked such a thing, so I take a second to think.
    • [PHASe is an integral part of society.]
    • [I'm not really sure what I think...]


The fights that the player can encounter in the game varies from the player's choices. All fights are listed here. (Fights that are from the premium content don't have details listed and are represented by 🌠). Fights are listed in order of appearance. The term "Instigators" is used here for the person(s) who attacked first/made the first physical contact. Someone doing verbal provocations only is not listed here as an instigator.

Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Six Temperance's Birdie: chocked him, made him convulse. Completed his mission.
Temperance's Birdie Six: didn't fight back. ✓? Unconscious on the floor.
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Seven Four's target: grabbed his shirt, grabbed his arm, tried to disarm him, tried to stop him from stabbing her, tried to stop him from removing the blade. Got a deep cut in her arm, got stabbed in the stomach, fell unconscious on the floor.
Four's target (NPC) Seven: lached onto her hands, tried to pull her towards him, made a cut in her arm with his weapon, rammed his head into her's, stabbed her in the stomach, tried to pull out the knife. Got attacked by Four.
  • Four VS His target (NPC)
Fighters Instigators Methods used Injuries Outcomes
Four His target: prevented him from pulling out the knife, elbowed him in the face, punched him in the jaw, uppercut him, jumped and kneeled on him to beat him up, stabbed him in the chest. Lost control, killed his target.
His target (NPC) Four: tried to defend himself by creating a shield with his hands. Dead.


Deceased Cause Status
Four's target stabbed by Four (not in control of himself) Dead
73 Wraith [mentioned] killed by PHASe during Project Angmar Dead


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🌠Six and Temperance's Birdie🌠

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