"Don’t let the whispers lure you deeper into darkness."

WARNING: Operative Eight possesses augs that allow him to use his voice to put others into a hypnotic state. Should you come to cross paths with him, run. Under any circumstance, do not allow yourself to fall under his spell.


Eight is portrayed with dark pink hair and light grey eyes with a hint of pink. He wears a bold and flashy combination of black leather and hot pink meshed top that shows a lot of skin and black skin-tight pants with strategically placed meshed pieces. He also wears a pair of silver dangling cross earrings in each ear, a black choker with a rose design, another silver choker underneath, a silver cuff in his left bicep, a meshed glove in his left hand and a black leather belt with an Inscription of the word "Peitho" (Greek goddess of Persuasion). He wears black leather shoes with pink lining.

Night Form: His augmented form shows pink and elegant floral lines, and patterns that run up both sides of his neck up to his ears and down to his collarbones. His eyes glow with a lighter shade of pink.


Eight has a very sociable, headstrong and outgoing personality. Oozing with confidence and daring manner, he sees the fun in a lot of things, likes to flirt, and has a tendency to be a drama queen. He also enjoys being the center of attention and likes it “when people wrap themselves around my little finger” but despite his stubbornness and playful personality, he is a very reliable and supportive friend as well as an operative.

Eight also has a very guarded personality that prevents him from showing his real self to the people around him and instead opts to show his bold and flashy side which he strongly believes is what the others want to see.



Probably due to Seven being the newest member and the only woman on the team, Eight acts differently around her. He was surprised to learn that she's more interested in the real side of him instead of his usual bold persona that results in him hiding behind his augs to keep her from seeing his soft side. He also likes riling her up and always goes into heated arguments that often come up with their different views and opinions. However, he slowly learns to trust and care for her like he does with the other members of Phantom Alpha.


Five is Eight's closest friend out of all the members of Phantom Alpha. They have a strong bond and always look out for each other. He was very protective of Five and is always quick to give company whenever the other is feeling down or being emotionally fragile. They have a deep trust in each other and always hang out whenever a chance presents itself.


Monarch is Eight's cat and is a present from Five. He absolutely adores him more than anything. He always finds a way to include Monarch in any conversation and has a power to make him reveal his true soft side whenever he talks about him. He is also proud of Monarch's intelligence and always boasts of his extraordinary skills and abilities to anyone who would listen.


As Phantom Alpha's sub-leader, Six acts as a big brother to Eight and always reprimands him whenever he tries to misbehave and use his augs unnecessarily.

In the game


Chapter 1


  • If he wasn't a PHASe operative, Eight might have been a singer.[1]
  • Before becoming a Siren, Eight considered the class Specter.


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