Dr.Ela Sadik is the head psychologist of PHASe. Her assigned cell is Phantom Alpha where she conducts psychological evaluations after every mission. As the head psychologist, the other psychologists of PHASe report to her.


Ela Sadik face model is former TTEOTS artist Hazel (a.k.a. Xxerru).

Dr.Sadik is portrayed with brown eyes, defined eyebrows and red lips. She wears a black long-sleeved top with a fitted hood covering her hair, a long white coat with a loose hijab hood, mesh elbows, blue triangular embellishments on the front and a PHASe logo on the right sleeve, black and white pants with blue accents, and black high-heeled boots. She also wears a golden chain on her forehead, adorned with a round yellow gem.

Character Design

Ela Sadik’s design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. She gathered information on Muslim culture primarily by speaking with Ela's face model, Xxerru, and with many different Muslims through Twitter.[1] 

The design proved to be quite a challenge because Muslim women dress conservatively which contradicts the futuristic designs that are often tight fitting and revealing (one can compare the designs with Dr.Park's PHASe uniform). After looking for various inspirations, the final design was formed and developed with hopes to represent Muslim values in a futuristic context. [1]


Dr.Sadik is a mild-mannered person with a highly empathetic and perceptive personality.


Dr.Sadik represents another often discriminated culture as she is a hijab-wearing Muslim woman, which is not often represented in many forms. Her concept was created after SHINee Jonghyun’s passing in December 2017, as Aeon Dream Studio's way of paying respect to his memory, as well as to help create awareness by portraying the importance of mental health care.[1]

"Dr.Sadik wants to put a stop to the mental damage that operatives have to endure. One day, she hopes to be able to completely reverse mental illness/damage from trauma." — Jacqueline Rivera (ADS, contributing writer)"[1]


  • In Turkish, the name Ela means Hazel
  • The name Sadik means honest, sincere and is mostly used in Arab speaking countries. In Swahili, the name means friend.


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