"The shadows in our hearts rise when beckoned."

WARNING: Operative Five utilizes augments that can make his target inclined toward any of his suggestions. If you feel confused when speaking with someone new, decline and end contact immediately.


Five is a Shifter, who are known to be masters of disguise, which makes it hard to really describe his appearance. So far images showed him sporting black wavy hair. His outfit is an ensemble of an orange button down, long sleeved shirt and black pants. Seven described him as "cherub-like" man.

Night Form: His augmented form shows orange lines and golden eyes. When activated his eyes faintly glows and his skin grows paler.


Five is a cheerful amiable character who enjoys making friends, however, this is actually just a facade to hide a deep scar that also portrays him as a lonely and secretive person. He desires to have someone he can show the real him but since his job involves lie and deceit, it prevents him from doing so. Seven described him as a "mysterious guy" and Eight warns her to be careful when talking to him as "He needs a lot of attention, but he's very sensitive, too."



Five and Seven became really good friends in a short period of time. In times of difficulty, and whenever both are emotionally tired, they learned how to comfort each other. They also have a lot of things in common, like both enjoy stargazing and giving and receiving hugs even though it is not common to show physical affection in Olympia unlike Drifters, who have no qualms in showing affection through physical contact. Out of all the operatives, both of them holds the strongest attachment to their lives before and outside PHASe. They have gained each others trust enough to reveal their real names to each other.


Eight is Five's closest friend in Phantom Alpha. They are very protective of each other and always look out for one another. He was the only person who knows the real personality of Eight and strives to make others see him for who he really is. It is also the reason why he gave him Monarch so that he can have someone who will love him for being him without the aid of augmented persuasion.


Five is the one who brought Monarch to PHASe after a mission and gave him to Eight who instantly liked him. He is one of the few people Monarch likes to be with and are often seen wandering around PHASe HQ.

In the game


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  • Five like to treats his targets "friends" even in for a short while.
  • He expressed that he's not good at combat training as he hates fighting. When a situation calls, he either talk his way out of it or run or use other means without fighting or hurting the person.
  • He enjoys shopping and fashion.
  • He's really against guns, so usually Four and the other combatants avoid using them when on missions with him.


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