This character doesn't appear in the game but in the short story Five On a Mission.

Ibis is a KAIROS member who murdered several PHASe agents and was wanted by PHASe for this reason. She used to work at the Alder Library


She is portrayed as a woman with light brown hair wearing a simple green dress and antique gold reading glasses. She has a kind smile.


She seems to have a joyful personality. She likes to read and to talk about her readings. She likes it so much that she's the last one to stay in the library even when it's already night-time. The last book she read was about a trip to the moon and what was found there.

Even though she can easily be excited, she can be mistrustful.



Even though they knew each other for only a few days, Ibis was very happy when she was with Five. She seemed comfortable with him and maybe even attracted to him.

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