Icarus is a member of KAIROS also known as the Servant of the Dragon.


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This character is portrayed with matte skin, dark brown hair with red and white strands and black eyes. He has two scars, one on his right eye and another one on the left corner of his lips.

He has a half sleeve tattoo on his left arm and has seven piercings, three on each ear and one on the lips.

He has a rough, low voice.

He used to wear a typical ensemble which all the rebels wear. It consisted of a black hood scarf with six piercings, a black t-shirt and black armband scarf with the blue wings insignia and black gloves.

During the intrusion of KAIROS in PHASe HQ he lost his hood during the fight.

Character Design

This character was inspired by the Japanese model, Daisuke Ueda.

The original design was supposedly for a generic character but the end product became too good for a simple character that the developers decided to give him a role instead and became Icarus of KAIROS.[1] This explains why during the demo, the male NPCs (non-player character) which the player encounters throughout the game have the same form as Icarus, which supposedly have the same purpose as the female NPC.

Because it was supposedly a generic character, the same outline was used for Devil's introduction picture (the outline of the masked woman was used for Seven's picture).


Icarus has a very arrogant personality who has a tendency to smirk a lot and give sarcastic remarks.


After being forced by circumstances into a criminal life on the streets of Olympia, he was saved by High Priestess. He remains fiercely loyal to KAIROS as he works the streets alongside his partner Artemis.[2]



They are partners.


Although they do not like each other, Seven and Icarus have a rather amusing relationship because they are two lively, unpredictable people who have a talent for repartee. They are also the same age.

In the game


Chapter 1


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