Also known as Blue Wings[1] (a slang name that some PHASe operatives uses which was derived from their insignia),[2] KAIROS is an organization rivaling PHASe and are called "the resistance", whose main goal is the destruction of P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. It is being led by three powerful female triumvirs who have different roles within the organization. Sub-leaders are also created for certain large scale missions.

Their operative code names are all related to either tarot or mythology.[1] It is not known whether they have permanent teams like PHASe, but there are partner units like Icarus and Artemis.

It was said that KAIROS takes more care of its members than PHASe does. Everyone in KAIROS knows every member within the organization regardless of ranks. They have a much more family-like atmosphere than PHASe and always tries to avoid unnecessary deaths.

KAIROS operates a huge aircraft.






Only in KAIROS

Available in PHASe as well

In the game


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  • KAIROS's insignia inspired Zero's tattoo.


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