The size of KAIROS aircraft is very impressive since it has the capacity to have all KAIROS members on board.

Entrance [Sector 8]

KAIROS Aircraft
KAIROS Aircraft

Bedroom #1

This room was used by Five during chapter 1.
KAIROS Aircraft room1
KAIROS Aircraft room1 night


Like most aircraft, the controls are at the front of the vehicle in the cockpit. The ceiling is see-through.
KAIROS Aircraft cockpit

In the game


KAIROS Aircraft pilot


KAIROS used this aircraft to launch an attack and infiltrate PHASe HQ via the rooftop.

When Phantom Alpha arrived in the vehicle it was almost empty. The only remaining passenger was the pilot who took them later on to KAIROS HQ thanks to Five and Eight's skills.

Chapter 1

Phantom Alpha with Ten decided to use the aircraft as a base until they have enough information and a plan to go rescue their teammates in PHASe HQ.

While waiting for everything to be put into place, the operatives used the aircraft as their own home. Five, for example, had his own assigned bedroom.

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