The location of KAIROS headquarters might be in Olympia City however there is no information about the exact position of this place.


The rooftop is quite a cozy area with lots of vegetation, fairy lights and benches with cushions and a little pond in the middle. Seven describes it as "warm and peaceful". There is an airstrip beside it for an aircraft to land.

First Hallway

KAIROS HQ 1st hallway

Second Hallway

KAIROS HQ 2nd hallway

Third Hallway

This hallway leads to the main lobby where the doors are locked with a particular technology.
KAIROS HQ 3rd hallway

Main Lobby

The main lobby is the central room of the base. It's where the elevators are located. The decor are similar to the one on the rooftop. It's a very open area with a high ceiling and walls made of glass windows.
KAIROS HQ Main Lobby

In the game


KAIROS HQ remained a secret place until the attack at PHASe HQ.


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