Keiria Park, also known as Dr Park, is the Head of PHASe Research and Development. She was originally from America. She is also in charge of ensuring the health of the operatives and that they're always at their best.


Naturally composed, Dr.Park doesn't seem to give in to stress, pressure or threats. She does not consider gender, ethnicity or anything other than merit.[1]


She created a software that is able to analyze a person's stats to a near accurate.


This character was inspired by the actress Byun Jungha.[2] She has an Asian appearance, tone and dark eyes with black straight hair styled in a side bun on top and adorned by an Asian inspired blue pin. She wears an ensemble of monochromatic inner modernistic top encased in a futuristic white blazer with blue lining. She also wears a chromatic blue nail polish.



She has a very good relationship with Zero. Due to his abilities, he is the most fascinating operative in the doctor's eyes. Their relationship is casual yet respectful.


She fascinates Dr.Park in particular due to her score on the recruitment test. Seven's behavior is not always exemplary, which is one of the reasons that prevent their relationship to grow.


Since Architects are like royalty in PHASe, Dr.Park has a lot of respect for Nine. He is very polite and respectful towards her.


They share a purely professional relationship.


They do not get along at all. Dr.Park sees Four as useless but still acknowledge his abilities and what it can provide for PHASe.


  • Dr.Park is one of the youngest people to become the Head of Research and Development for PHASe.[3]


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