The Magician is one of the leaders of KAIROS also known as the Right Hand of the Dragon.[2] She's a genius inventor and is the one responsible for KAIROS' technology as well as their best gun — in rival of Operative Four of Phantom Alpha.


The Magician is portrayed sporting a dark ombre long hair and wearing a red checkered button-down and off shouldered polo blouse with mesh design, a varsity black jacket with white accents and a low rise long skirt with slits, accessorised with a red belt and netted stockings that reached to her waist. The band of stockings shows the name of "Wolfe" repeatedly. She's wearing black high cut boots and a choker with a pendant of the letter "W". She also wears a red wolf mask that is similar to the Japanese's Kitsune masks.


The Magician has a cocky attitude and is very competitive.

Seven learned during one of her encounters with The Magician that "she's temperamental and not-quite-so rational".



They are very close. Temperance not really being hot-blooded like Magician, they complement each other. They like to hang out together at KAIROS HQ.


Magician holds a strong dislike towards Four, they are rivals.[3] Aside from him being from PHASe they both have strong personalities and are very competitive which add fuel to the fire. They have the same speciality (guns) and often encounter one another on missions (directly or indirectly).


Since it has been a long time since the two are in their respective organizations, they know each other a little. Although Magician would not hesitate to kill him, Six's personality makes it look like both of them are like old fellows. She lets him call her by the nickname "Mags".

In the game


Chapter 1


  • Magician and Four keep on battling for the title of "Best Gun" in Olympia by beating an unofficial score which neither can keep for long due to constantly challenging the top scores of each other. [4]
  • The shipping name for Four and Magician is Mag4.


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