Marissa Wittwer is an administrative staff member of PHASe.


Marissa Wittwer is portrayed with golden blond hair tied up, freckles on her cheeks and brown eyes. She wears a PHASe administrative staff uniform — a fitted cropped white jacket with black mesh elbows, layered on top of a black outfit with blue and white accents. The white jacket sports a round PHASe logo on the left side of the chest.


Marissa has a discriminating behavior towards most PHASe operatives that she considers as freaks resulting from experiments. She likes to gossip and is not afraid of being overheard.



Marissa is friends with Sooyeon who shares same personalities and opinion regarding PHASe operatives being freaks.


Abiona is one of her colleagues. She regards her as a crazy fanatic who worship someone's experiment.


Due to the rumors and experiments he underwent, Marissa fears Zero and considers him an unstable freak rather than a normal human being.


Marissa does not have a good first interaction with Seven when the latter overheard their unpleasant opinions regarding Operative Zero.

In the game

Chapter 1

Seven sees Marissa for the first time through Five's OFV (operative field view).

Chapter 2

Seven meets Marissa in the elevator while she and her friend Sooyeon were profaning bad things about Zero.



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