"Loneliness isn’t all you’ll find in the dark."

WARNING: Nine possesses sunglasses with unknown capabilities. However, reports say he has never lost a fight once putting them on. Try to remove them.

Nine is the leader of Phantom Alpha


Nine is depicted wearing a black jacket with chains in the front, a purple shirt underneath, and matching silver purple hair and dark eyes. He was described by Seven as "a man in all black... with a regal and commanding presence of his own" and someone who exudes an aura of peacefulness.

Night Form: His augmented form shows purple lines and wears dark sunglasses with various, yet classified, functionalities, though one of the known features allows the wearer to analyse its opponent. On the night version poster, the glasses are analyzing The Magician. Another version of those glasses is worn by Seven.[1]


Nine possess qualities of a good leader. He is very charismatic and can deal with people effectively. He prefers words over action and believes everything can be solved diplomatically. He is highly observant and is very sympathetic. He has deep views about the world around him and is very philosophical in nature.



They enjoy discussing deeper things and have a mutual agreement to always try to understand each other to avoid misunderstandings.





In the game


Chapter 1


  • It was mentioned that Magician is interested in capturing Nine whose class is considered rare.
  • Nine was trained like royalty.[2]
  • In numerology, 9 is the number of completion, embodying all qualities of the numbers before it. Nine received his codename for those reasons.[3]


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