The City of Olympia is a walled city located in North America and is the capital of the country[1]. It's described and promoted as a haven, "the pinnacle of what humanity could achieve when it worked together". It is appealing in its cutting-edge technology, beautiful architecture, greenery and is regarded as the most advanced city in the world in terms of technology. Unlike the Wastelands, Olympia City has much cleaner air.

Like in most cities, backward ideas about minorities like women, young people or drifters exists among some citizens of Olympia.

Demonym: Olympian

Path of Olympia

Situated on the outskirts of the city, a protected area of Olympia, the Path of Olympia is the entrance of the city. A row of flowering cherry blossom trees lines the pathway. It is described as radiant, breathtaking and a beautiful flower-strewn path. The cherry blossom trees bloom year-round as they were genetically engineered to do that.

Olympia entrance

Olympia City's Center

The City's Center is a mix of technology and nature. While there is tall solar panel covered buildings, billboards, flying vehicles, moving walkways and train lines, there is also lots of vegetation and a stream.


Government Building

Unlike PHASe HQ it's open to the public.

Slums of Olympia

Olympia Slums Street Japanese

Building in the Slums


Room of a Building in the Slums


Club Visconti

Like any club, "small groups of people mingle and chat", music is played and drinks are available. Club Visconti seems quite popular. KAIROS members go there as well. It seems like it's a place where one can gather information.[2]

Club in Olympia


PHASe Train Station

It's an old train station accessible with PHASe clearance card only and is used as a shortcut. For those reasons, the station is often empty. The train station has a vintage design (2018's look to it) but is well kept. Here operatives can take an underground train route that goes directly to PHASe HQ.

Olympia train station

PHASe Subway

Like its train station, the subway has a vintage style (considered vintage for the year 2077) modeled after the Japanese train and is often empty. It goes straight to PHASe HQ and is accessible only to PHASe employees.

Olympia train

Building near PHASe HQ


Rooftop of the building near PHASe HQ

BuildingoppositePHASe rooftop


PHASe headquarters are only accessible to PHASe employees and are the home of the operatives.

Hall phase


  • Eight did a mission in Club Visconti.[3]


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