P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. or PHASe for short is the organization who is said to truly rule Olympia City and is a part of the government. There are (at least) as many teams at PHASe as there are letters in the Greek Alphabet which makes 24 teams, starting from Alpha down to Omega.[1] Their skills ranks through the alphabet making Phantom Alpha the top team.[1] Each team can be composed of up to ten members, and the codenames attributed to the operatives depend on the team they are assigned to (ex: codenames 0 to 9 for Phantom Alpha, codenames 10 to 19 for Phantom Beta, etc.).

There are different ways to enter PHASe, the most official one is to pass the entrance exams (as Three and Four did). PHASe can also recruit people who shows potential to be future operatives (like Zero and Seven were).


Phantom Alpha

A special and the highest ranking team within PHASe. Their individual code names came from numerology and are based off on the operatives' personalities.[2]

During missions, the operatives are divided into different units depending on the needs of the situation.

Infiltration Unit

a sub-unit of Phantom Alpha used for invading enemy bases.

Emissary Unit

a sub-unit of Phantom Alpha used for diplomatic missions.

Devastation Unit

or Dev Team for short, is consist of two strong and versatile fighters of Phantom Alpha.

Fatal Attraction Unit

a sub-unit that consists of two of Phantom Alpha's most attractive operatives that deals with persuasion and coercion. They are both noncombatants.

Phantom Beta

This team is the second strongest within PHASe. They do not like to be underestimated in comparison to Phantom Alpha (the latter being the team that is most praised because they are considered the strongest).


Other Team Phantom

  • Phantom Gamma
  • Phantom Delta
  • Phantom Epsilon
  • Phantom Zeta
  • Phantom Eta
  • Phantom Theta
  • Phantom Iota
  • Phantom Kappa
  • Phantom Lambda
  • Phantom Mu
  • Phantom Nu
  • Phantom Xi
  • Phantom Omicron
  • Phantom Pi
  • Phantom Rho
  • Phantom Sigma
  • Phantom Tau
  • Phantom Upsilon
  • Phantom Phi
  • Phantom Chi
  • Phantom Psi
  • Phantom Omega



Research and Technology Department

Medical Department

Administrative Department

Other Department



Only in PHASe

Available in KAIROS as well

In the game


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  • Before finding the name Devastation Unit, "Team Fighters" and "Team Kickass" were suggested by Zero.


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