Situated in Olympia City, PHASe headquarters are only accessible to PHASe employees and is the home of the operatives. It's a huge facility with lots of windowless and maze-like corridors and elevators. It has an artificial look to it that causes a lot of operatives to miss nature and freedom because of its constricting design. Each department has different buildings which leads the members of the different branches do not see each other often.


It's a very spacious atrium with a refined style. It's luminous because of its numerous windows that give natural lighting. There are several escalators and notice board (that portrays examples of DNA, the human body, some rules, etc.) in the hall. Since it's a crossing point, its always crowded.

Hall phase


Hallways are a maze of similar looking corridors with no windows but a lot of doors, which are probably designed to confuse or trap intruders. The walls have panels of light blue contrasting with white and have screens that show news and updates. It's described as a "cold" place "where it doesn't feel like you're going anywhere", and where one cannot tell how time passes. Though its probably in all PHASe's rooms, there are speakers and an alarm in the corridors.

Corridor phase
Corridor phase2



Seven's Room

Like most of PHASe HQ location, Seven's Room has a refined style with white walls and a big window. It has a PHASe wall interface (with high-security clearance information), a computer, a tablet and a couple of books.

MC bedroom day
MC bedroom evening
MC bedroom night 1
MC bedroom night 2


Open 24/7, PHASe staff can order meals here on a touchscreen. Orders have numbers and meals are given on a tray. The Cafeteria is spacious and has lots of windows.


The Lounge is composed of the bar area, a lone piano and several couches and tables. It has a luxurious, high class feel to it surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that gives a beautiful view of the city. Like in the cafeteria, one can place a beverage order from the menu screen which has an extensive list of drinks but with no price. It was not mentioned on how one pays an order or whether it will be deducted from one's salary.

Lounge evening phase
Lounge night phase

Training Area

Also called the Lab, the Training Area is where the TCT (Team Compatibility Testing) is held. As its name indicates, we can deduce that training and other types of tests take place here.

Sim Room

Short for Simulation Room, here operatives can train themselves through diverse situations with the help of a visor that immerse them into different types of missions that they might encounter in real life.


Medical Lab

Phase medicals

Dr.Sadik's Office


Raske's Office


Command Center

PHASe Command room

Relaxation Area

Located on the rooftop, it has lots of gardens and is accessible by glass doors.
Relaxation Area Day2
Relaxation Area Night2

Aircraft Base

Also located on the rooftop, here aircraft (like KAIROS's) can park.
PHASe Rooftop day


  • The woman who runs the cafeteria likes Zero a lot.[1]
  • Seven's first order in the cafeteria was the order #106.
  • On Tuesdays, for an hour at three, the #007 special is available on the menu. It's described as the best dessert one can ever have by Four who regularly orders it.


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