"Let the light within become stars that guide your way through the dark night."

Seven is the newest member of Phantom Alpha and is controlled by the player.

She was a former drifter which is a group of nomads that lived in the wastelands and travel from time to time whenever the weather goes bad or extremely hot. One day, she met and assisted three operatives (Zero, Nine, and Four) from P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M while on their mission which led to her being recruited by the same organization. It was said that Nine collected her data and gave the recommendations to PHASe for recruitment. She is considered a rare recruit who joined PHASe as an operative instead of a trainee and has an “S” ranking which puts her into Phantom Alpha level, hence joining the team.



Seven is portrayed with indigo hair ending in platinum blond. She has light brown eyes and a single piercing on the nose.

Night Form: Her augmented form shows indigo lines formed like constellations and eyes of the same color.

Mission Outfit: The basis of the outfit is sleek, functional, and is designed for a physical fighter. Inspired by her augs, her outfit has indigo and constellation patterns.

Seven's heritage is also present in the design particularly represented in her waist scarf.[1] Stars are important for Seven since she was born on the Night of the Starfall and was given the last name Starwind because of that. The waist scarf is a farewell gift from her clan. Seven's default name "Evren" also fits her "star" theme as it means "Universe" in Turkish.

She can also be seen wearing a hood. At the moment, there is no information about the indigo gemstone she's wearing. She wore combat gloves which cater to a Psion's hand-to-hand combat skills.

Like Nine, she has special glasses called "ARO" who acts as a portable computer that can show maps, pinpoint locations, analyze opponents and other data.[2] On the night version poster, her ARO glasses are analyzing Devil.


Seven can be described as a force to be reckoned with. She is independent, highly intuitive and can hold out on her own even without the help of others. However, despite her abilities, she still doubts if she is good enough to be included in the rank of Phantom Alpha, the highest ranking team in PHASe. As observed by her teammates, she isn't very alert, and easily gets spooked when she notices her teammates approach her without her knowing.


Operative Seven was designed to represent all the people in the world that might play the game with no specific nationality in mind. She was portrayed to be a character with no clear ethnicity and a woman of color that is common with people of mixed heritage. The gender was chosen to be female as the majority of the game fans and BTS fans are female.[3][4]

In-depth, Seven embodies a character that can break all stereotypes that are imprinted in the minds of the majority. The character shows that someone who came from a minority (Seven is a former drifter) can defy all odds and be in equal with the “upper class”. She’s a character that can inspire and empower not only women but all people, in general, to see themselves as someone with worth and value and someone who can rise up to any challenge, surpass any barriers and exceed expectations. [3][4]



Both of them being the rookies of the team and part of the same sub-unit named Devastation, Zero and Seven are close friends. She is one of the operatives that Zero trusted the most.


Four doesn't seem to care about Seven when they first met as he sees her as an outsider but gradually changed when she became part of Phantom Alpha. They got along quite well despite Four's aloofness. He also acknowledges her skills and thoughts despite being a newbie.


Seven have a deep respect with Nine as a leader and as an intellectual. They enjoy discussing deeper things and have a mutual agreement to always try to understand each other to avoid misunderstandings.


They get along well. Although Six is the kind of person to tease his friends and jokes a lot, Seven and he share from time to time their worries as well.


Seven and Five are very close. They became friends in a short span of time and comforts each other during difficult times. Five trusts Seven deeply that he revealed to her his real name with the desire for someone to know the real him which the latter returns.


Seven have an unstable relationship with Eight which comes from his bold and forceful manner. She somehow opposes his strong ethical views regarding consent, being his true self and the real happiness which he holds onto firmly as part of his job and claims that he enjoys all the attention and flattery it brings.


Seven is always impressed by Three's positivity and view of the world. Even though they have not had time to really know each other they have a nice relationship.


Being twins they used to be very close. However, their relationship has been deteriorated resulting in them not seeing each other for years. During this time, Seven missed him deeply and kept thinking of him every day.

In the game


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  • Seven is part of Phantom Alpha's Devastation sub-unit together with operative Zero.
  • Blue Wings showed interest in operative Seven and put out an order to capture her.
  • Unlike most operatives, Seven already had her augmentations before joining PHASe.[5]
  • The shipping name for Zero and Seven is 07. The term Dev Team is also used to refer to the duo.


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