"Day or night, I’ll find you either way."

WARNING: Operative Six has eye augmentations that allow him to see in the absence of light. If you find yourself in the darkness, find a source of light immediately or else lose what you’re protecting.

Six is the sub-leader of Phantom Alpha.


Six is portrayed with silver hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a full dark green body suit with a black overcoat adorned with fluorescent green linings, a futuristic black military snap on belt emblazoned with fluorescent green designs, black boots with green soles and a black choker embellished with a green power symbol.

Night Form: His augmented form shows green lines and eyes.

Character Design

Six's third and final design is a part of the planned art revamp funded by fans, created with a goal to better represent the characters in a post-cyberpunk world.

Six's new design was conceptualized by Ajané J.K. Celestin, acting in an Art Director and Character Designer role. Together with Lead Creative Writer Egle Dilyte, they sought to come up with a design the would respect the most important aspect of the Specter class: getting in and out of places undetected. Thus, a sleek and functional design was preferred. Other elements were added by the concept and final artwork artists to make it look closer to the cyberpunk aesthetics.  

Six's long coat symbolizes his role as a sub-leader in the group.  


Six has an easy going and playful personality, rarely seen without a bright smile. He's full of humor and likes to have fun, even on missions, though it does not affect his precision in doing them. His seriousness is always overlooked by his bright personality as he tends to act playful and cheeky even when faced with danger, but Six should not be taken lightly as he can be very lethal.



They get along well. Although Six is the kind of person to tease his friends and jokes a lot, Seven and he share from time to time their worries as well. Six takes care of Seven quite often.


Six is ​​close to Four, he likes to tease him. Six is ​​the only operative who has this level of friendship with Four. Both respect each other.


As the sub-leader, Six scolds Eight a lot for his behavior.


He has a very professional relationship with her.


Often meeting on missions because of their respective class, Six and Temperance are rivals. Unlike Magician and Four there is no hatred between them. Their personalities are quite similar.


Since it has been a long time since the two are in their respective organizations, they know each other a little. Although Magician would not hesitate to kill him, Six's personality makes both of them like old fellows. Six, for example, calls Magician by the nickname "Mags".

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