Specters are the masters of stealth, infiltration and misdirection. They are highly cunning individuals who are extremely perceptive and know how to control any situation. They are expert escapists, able to get out of anything and everything. And what they can get out of, they can get into, which makes them excellent infiltrators. Even when caught, it's hard to catch a Specter, even for the most experienced of opponents. Though they are not combatants primarily, Specters can be very deadly, and given the need for it, they do switch over to being combatants.

As all operatives, Specters are trained in self-defense, but because Specters can switch between being non-combatants and combatants, they are additionally trained in a variety of combat styles. There is still a high preference placed on fighting styles that can take down an enemy quickly and quietly. Specters will not be loud unless their escape is already assured.

Do NOT let them out of your sight.



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