Temperance is one of the leaders of KAIROS. She's the hidden eyes and ears of Kairos as well as the reason for the black propaganda, lies and rumors against PHASe. She's in charge of collecting information [1] [2] [3] who unlike Devil, retrieves it by going onto the field[4] or by sending spies[5].


Temperance has blue eyes and short black hair. She wears an emerald green domino mask and a necklace with two snakes. She has a black cropped leather jacket with a black and green corset, a brown leather belt, black skinny pants with green patterns on the sides and black high-heeled ankle boots.


Temperance is quite cunning and likes to have fun, often to the detriment of other people.



They are quite close and have complementary personalities. Temperance likes to tease Magician often by using her competitiveness with Four. Their relationship is quite similar to what Four and Six have.


Often meeting on missions because of their respective class, Six and Temperance are rivals. Unlike Magician and Four there is no hatred between them. Their personalities are quite similar.


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