Ten is the leader of Phantom Beta.


Ten is portrayed as tall, dark-skinned and muscular with light and dark purple hair and piercing purple eyes. Ten’s outfit consists of a yellow overcoat over a purple sleeveless undershirt with a metallic vest and black tight-fitting pants adorned with a yellow belt, strap-on belt pockets and a silver knee pad on the right leg, ending in black calf-length combat boots. Ten also wear a silver and purple earpiece on the left temple that might be used for communication. It is unknown whether the device is a removable one or a permanent ear replacement. The entire left arm and leg of Ten are bionic, a very recognizable and intimidating feature for many.

Character Design

Ten is a product of Ajané Celestin's dream. It was a coincidence that Dow’s original character sketch (originally dressed with a purple scheme) a year prior to “the dream” resembled the character so much that the two came to an agreement to use the design for Operative Ten. [1]

Operative Ten’s color was chosen to match the devil-may-care personality of the character. Ajané thought of a catchy color that resembles the hazard signs and the fact that it looked great with blood.


Ten has a very strong and intimidating personality. Sarcastic and brutal, Ten doesn’t filter words as long as the point is getting across. Ten seemed to enjoy violence and is very efficient in fatality missions but surprisingly show loyalty and concern towards PHASe and people who are deemed important. Ten's weapon of choice is a scythe.

Seven described Ten as a person who’s radiating power and considered as someone more dangerous than The Magician.


Ten identifies as non-binary who prefers neutral pronouns and doesn't like being referred to as "her" by someone not close.[2]







In the game


Chapter 1


  • Ajané Celestin unintentionally gave Ten’s character the color of the nonbinary flag which consists primarily of yellow and purple.


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