The Wastelands are the mountainous, arid lands caused by climate change which made much of Earth unlivable. There is no or little vegetation and a burning sun. The main risk for people wandering the Wastelands is passing out from heat and starvation. Several cities are scattered among those lands. Olympia City is located far from the Wastelands. Drifters are considered the most knowledgeable people about the Wastelands.

The Wasteland

Abandoned Church

Situated next to the dried out lake, the Abandoned Church was used as a hideout by a group of hooded men. The inside is slowly crumbling but statues of gods and goddesses that were once worshiped in the church are still intact.


Decrepit Building

It used to be a library. Seven mentioned the location in passing but no additional information was given about it.

The Alder Library

It could be the same library that Seven mentioned. The Alder Library[1] is also situated in a building with an antique feel to it. The architecture is "beautiful" and "warm". The corridors have wood paneled walls with several windows along it and lots of old leather furniture. A heavy wooden door leads to the "very old" and "very vast library". This library still continues to operate with some office workers staying until late at night.


  • Ibis used to work in The Alder Library.
  • Five did a mission within The Alder Library involving Ibis.[2]


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