"Illusions and lies grow out of darkness. Can you see past them? Do you want to? Or will you let yourself be consumed?"

WARNING: Operative Three possesses a sharp mind and augs specifically designed to help him analyze data and uncover patterns within info. If you encounter him, do not say anything, do not do anything. Any action or non-action will give him data. Retreat immediately.


Three is portrayed with white hair. His outfit is composed of a three-piece suit — a white shirt, brown vest and light brown blazer with green accents and matching pants. He's usually seen working with on his tablet.

Night Form: His augmented form shows Greek key-like pinkish taupe lines running along his forehead, and eyes resembling the same color.


Despite having an intellectual job, Three has a happy-go-lucky nature and is an optimist. His views are really uncomplicated which he showed when Operative Seven asked her questions during the "KAIROS infiltration scene".

Self-described as a romantic, he usually projects second-hand embarrassment from his teammates with his crazy antics, however, despite his whimsical nature, Three is a hard worker and very serious when engaged on a task. He is known to be very proficient and dedicated to his job.



He likes Seven even though they have not had time to really know each other.


Although Zero is younger and new to Phantom Alpha, he does not hesitate to comment on Three's behavior. The latter never stops to defend himself.

In the game


Chapter 1


  • According to Three, All operatives have basic combat training. He's not bad at it but has no interest in fighting. But when a situation calls, he either avoid it or brings Zero along. In worst case scenarios, he uses his tablet as a weapon. He already broke a total of 68 tablets (as of prologue).
  • He was trained in minor infiltration and escape techniques.
  • He wasn't recruited but applied to become an operative due to his desire to join PHASe like his father before him.
  • He expressed that he enjoyed being an operative and if he ever gets tired, he'll change position within PHASe.
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