Sergeant Yakov Raske, commonly known as Raske, is officially the handler for Phantom Alpha. He's the one in charge of handing missions to the operatives.


Yakov Raske is portrayed with long ash blonde hair falling to his shoulders, and a chiseled face with pale eyes and prominent eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with a military collar, under a white jacket with black sleeves, hem and pockets. The blue accents on the jacket shoulders and cuffs evoke military rank markings.


Raske has a very strong authoritative personality and is very strict. He holds high regards with the rules and doesn't tolerate those who break them.




In the game

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


  • Raske is a trans man.[1]
  • Raske doesn't like to be called Yakov by others.
  • He was a member of the previous Phantom Alpha known as Operative Two before he retired as an active field operative.


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