"When the night falls, the moon rises."

WARNING: Operative Zero carries various utilities within his gear to aid in mobility and combat. Data is lacking on his full capabilities. Due to his unpredictability, we cannot give combat suggestions.

Zero is one of the newest operatives of Phantom Alpha who have only been with them for three weeks at the time Seven met him. Zero first came to PHASe when he was seven years old and had trained for thirteen years before ultimately joining Phantom Alpha.


Zero is shown sporting a black hair with blue highlights on the front, dark eyes, a wings tattoo on his neck and multiple piercings, five in each ear and one at the bottom lip[2].

He is wearing several layers of clothing, a white leather jacket with his own scribbles, a dark jacket with blue lining underneath, another layer of black and white shirt and black pants ripped at the knees.

He wears black power gloves with blue neon lights on it. Those gloves are a birthday gift from the Phantom Alpha team. There are combat gloves with hand protection, reinforced on the knuckles.[3] Zero stated that they can disintegrate someone on contact.[4]

Night Form: His augmented form shows sky blue lines and eyes.

Character Design

Zero Jacket drawn by do.ww (instagram)

Operative Zero's jacket as drawn by Dow[5]

According to Ajané Celestin, Aeon Dream Studio's CEO and lead writer, the catalyst for Operative Zero's design was Hazel's (a.k.a. Xxerru) artwork which portrays a tattooed man with multiple piercings.

The clothing design was a mixture of black and white, using white as the base to fit the post-cyberpunk theme of the game. He prefers simple, comfortable outfits so "Simple, but cool" became his clothing theme.[6] The white jacket with scribbles worn by Zero was based off on a white leather jacket. Blue (hair) was added to the mix due to various reason but one is to give Zero a futuristic/modern look to fit the atmosphere of the game[6]. All of the references were gathered by Ajané Celestin and was brought to life by Marta Fernandez (Aeon Dreams Studio's former art director)[6].


Zero is childlike in personality but a bit reserved. As one of the newest member of Phantom Alpha, he gets excited during missions and loves to explore. He easily jumps into action whenever he sees someone who needs help and is very obedient to his superiors. He is considered a prodigy whose class, Infinite, is a first of his kind. However, he still doesn’t have a full control of his abilities which makes him clumsy at times. He is somewhat shy and is intimidated by his teammates as everyone is so experienced and yearns to earn their trust, respect and recognition, one of the reasons why he wanted to grow up fast and become an adult. He doesn’t have enough confidence in his abilities, a feeling he shares with Seven who, on the other hand, doubts her abilities which earned her a spot in Phantom Alpha.



Zero was the first agent whom Seven met and was the one assigned to show her around Olympia and PHASe HQ. Being both rookies on the team he and Seven help each other to adapt in Phantom Alpha which made them closer. Even though Zero is quite reserved, he gradually open up himself to Seven as they spend more time together and began telling her details of his life and show some affection. Seven brings the human contact that Zero was missing due to him being raised within PHASe. He is one of the few people that know Seven's real name.

In missions, Zero and Seven are partners and have their own sub-unit called Devastation.


Four has a mentor-like attitude towards Zero. Even though their interactions mostly consist of Four lecturing and reprimanding Zero for his mistakes, he cares for him deeply. He always try to push Zero further for him to achieve his full potential, but despite his strict behavior Zero does not resent him but actually respects him a lot.


Zero has a huge respect for Nine's and his words are always meaningful to him. Unlike Four, Nine is more lax about his mistakes and has a lot of faith in him. He cares for him just as much as he cares for the other operatives under his responsibility.

Dr. Park

Even though Zero underwent heavy experiments from Dr.Park he doesn't seem to have any bit of resentment against her but respects her a lot and has normal professional relationship.

In the game


Chapter 1


  • One of Zero's favorite color is white. He thinks white is a purifying, refreshing color. It helps him brighten up a bit and makes him think of good things.[3]
  • Zero has a wings tattoo on his neck which he got to commemorate his joining the Phantom Alpha team. The inspiration came from the wings insignia he saw when he went to capture a member of KAIROS on his first mission "like taking spoils of war".[7]
  • It is said that the High Priestess showed interest in capturing Zero to analyze the only member of the new class: Infinite.
  • Even though everyone was nice to Zero when he first joined Phantom Alpha, Nine and Six were the nicest.[3]
  • The woman who runs the cafeteria likes Zero a lot.[3]
  • Zero is good at sports and that is how PHASe recruited him.
  • He's interested in art even more than sports. He expressed that he likes to draw (skulls, dragons and other random ("cool") stuff) and singing.
  • Zero's PHASe join date is listed earlier than any other agent in Phantom Alpha, beginning at seven years old.
  • The shipping name for Zero and Seven is 07.[8][9]


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